When is club volleyball season?

Club season starts with tryouts in October/November, with some training scheduled around the holiday season in December.  The bulk of the competitive season runs January through the end of May for most teams.  If a team qualifies for the Girls’ Junior National Championships, or decides to attend another end-of-season tournament, their season will end in late June/early July.

How many times a week do you practice?

Teams generally practice a minimum of twice per week. 

Where are ITVC practices held?

ITVC utilizes a variety of gyms throughout the greater eastside of the Puget Sound region. The majority of the facilities we rent for practice purposes are in the Bellevue, Mercer Island, and Issaquah areas.  During the high school basketball season (the months of January-March), gym space availability may be less consistent. Therefore, occasionally, gyms in other areas will be used.

Where and how often are tournaments?

Teams will have an average of two tournaments per month. Local tournaments (including the Puget Sound Region Power League) are typically located within 1-2 hours driving distance from Seattle. Teams will have between two and five travel/multi day tournaments throughout the season. Schedules for each team will be distributed at tryouts and posted on the website as soon as they are available.

What does it cost to play for ITVC?

We are currently finalizing our budget for the upcoming season and plan to have our fee structure available during tryouts in November. Each athlete’s club dues cover costs associated with, tournament entry fees, gym rental fees, coaching stipends, uniforms, and team equipment.  Any fees associated with travel (i.e. transportation, hotels, meals, etc) are not included in the athlete’s club dues.

What makes ITVC different than other clubs?

ITVC is a club that prepares each season to be as competitive as possible, at all age groups, on both the local and national levels, and selects athletes and coaches that fit this vision.  Different from many other clubs, ITVC supports and encourages athletes that play additional sports with strong communication from players about this. ITVC is committed to developing the fundamental and technical skills in each athlete, while creating a fun, competitive, and inclusive environment and team culture. ITVC is also committed to developing each member of our coaching staff in order to provide them the necessary tools and knowledge to help foster greater success among their respective teams. ITVC will not tolerate coaches who demean or intimidate players as a means of motivation.

How do I juggle practices and games for both volleyball and other sports?

Different from many other clubs, ITVC is supportive of athletes playing multiple sports. However, the success of ITVC’s teams is largely contingent on our athletes’ ability to train and compete consistently. It is very important to discuss your daughter’s volleyball schedules (practice and tournaments) with her other coach(es) prior to accepting an offer to play for ITVC. Though an occasional missed practice or tournament is common and acceptable, a player who cannot attend at least 90% of practices and tournaments should not accept a position on the team.

What can my daughter expect in terms of playing time?

ITVC does not offer any guarantee of playing time to any athlete. ITVC’s purpose is to compete and be successful at the highest levels locally and nationally. Therefore, ITVC coaches will make playing time decisions accordingly. Playing time is determined by many factors, including overall skill level, attitude, attendance, respect for coaches and teammates, hustle, and match dynamics. Many ITVC coaches will also utilize practice and match statistics to help make playing time decisions. Athletes will have ample opportunity to play, compete, learn, and improve during all practice sessions, assuming their attendance at practices is consistent.

How many players are on a team?

The number of players on the official team roster is determined by the coaching staff and is typically between 10-12 players.  Rosters with 12 athletes allow for better training opportunities during practice sessions.

What happens if my daughter doesn’t make an ITVC team?

Skills dramatically change year to year. Not making an ITVC team this year doesn’t preclude any athlete from trying out for an ITVC team the following year. If your daughter attends an ITVC tryout and does not make an ITVC team, she may play for another Puget Sound Region USAV club. You may find information about other PSR USAV clubs by visiting the PSR website:  http://psrvb.org

Will ITVC allow an athlete to “play up” an age group?

Yes. This is determined primarily by the athlete’s skill level. Additionally, an athlete may be asked to play up an age group based on a team’s needs. If approached by the club coach recommending the athlete play up an age group, the athlete and her family will make the final decision if it is the best fit for them.