mission & philosophy



The mission of the Island Thunder Volleyball Club is to provide athletes with fundamental, technical, and strategic training to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to compete at a high level both locally and nationally. It is the priority of ITVC coaches and administration to provide a safe, positive, fair, and competitive learning environment, with an emphasis on clear and constructive communication, developing teamwork, good sportsmanship, and character building.


about itvc

At ITVC, it is a goal to provide athletes with elite level coaching and training to enable them to reach and exceed their potential in both volleyball and life. The club’s intentions are to select coaches who have a high level of both volleyball and coaching knowledge, and whom ITVC administration feels have the capabilities to be positive role models, mentors, and teachers for ITVC athletes. It is very important that ITVC athletes not only learn volleyball fundamentals and systems, but also the value in being a contributing member of a competitive team. Emphasis by ITVC coaches will include attention to discipline, responsibility, accountability, work ethic, and teamwork.  ITVC coaches are also responsible for creating an environment in which athletes can develop confidence and pride while raising their self-esteem through improvement and success on the court. It is a club priority for every ITVC athlete to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

In addition, at ITVC, it is a philosophy that athletes be well-balanced individuals. ITVC is a club that encourages and is understanding of individuals who participate in other school sports and/or activities. It is understood that if an athlete is playing a school sport during the club season, they may have to miss an occasional practice session.  ITVC feels that competing in other sports can be a positive influence on an athletes development and can help them to perform at a higher level on volleyball court.  Additionally, ITVC “Blue” level teams will have a less demanding travel schedule and will only travel to tournaments within driving distance 2-3 times a season. They will also have the option of attending a national-level event at the end of June, as determined by the team’s coaches and club administration. All ITVC teams will compete in both the Puget Sound Region Power League and Puget Sound Region Championships.

ITVC “Black” level teams will train to be nationally competitive and will attend the Girls’ Junior National Championships if they qualify. For any of these teams that do not qualify for the GJNC, they will have the option of attending an alternative national-level event at the end June, as determined by the team’s coaches and club administration. Throughout the season these teams will attend at least three national qualifier tournaments including: the Pacific Northwest Qualifier (Spokane, WA) and the local Puget Sound Region Championships. The third national qualifying event will be determined by team coaches and club administration. ITVC 16′s, 17’s and 18’s will also attend the MLK Classic in Eugene, OR in January, with 17′s and 18′s also traveling to the Las Vegas Invitational in February during the President’s Day weekend.


coaching philosophy

At ITVC, it is believed that coaches are leaders. They are leaders of their teams and leaders in the volleyball community. ITVC does not require that the coaching staff collectively represent one coaching methodology, philosophy, or system. However, a successful ITVC coach is someone who can confidently, purposefully, and effectively transfer their knowledge to their athletes, in a fair, collaborative, constructive, meaningful, and supportive environment. Additionally, all coaches are required to be explicit with each athlete regarding her role on the team for the current season and provide opportunity and guidance in order to help her to advance her role.

It is important to the club’s success that ITVC coaches continue to grow and develop professionally. Therefore, ITVC administration will continue to find opportunities for our coaches to advance their knowledge and skill set. In addition, it is a requirement that all ITVC coaches be IMPACT certified through USA Volleyball.

All athletes will have equal opportunities to train and play during practice sessions. During tournaments, equal playing time is not guaranteed and coaches will make playing time decisions based on what they believe will bring the most success to the team. While coaches will do their best to create opportunities for all of their athletes to contribute during matches, playing time will vary based on multiple factors. Factors that can effect playing time include (but are not limited to): attendance at practice, attitude and work ethic, leadership skills, team chemistry, statistical analysis, and performance during practices and matches. If an athlete is concerned about their playing time, it is the athlete’s responsibility to communicate directly with their coach. ITVC coaches are not required, nor encouraged, to communicate with parents regarding their daughter’s playing time. For parents that feel it necessary to communicate about their daughter’s playing time, please contact the ITVC Club Directors.

It is important that all ITVC athletes have fun and enjoy learning and playing the sport of volleyball. As the club demands a strong work ethic and commitment from all ITVC athletes and coaches, when combined with a positive attitude and environment, this will increase opportunities for success for all ITVC teams.